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Future TW4 productions


Both The Chiswick Community Website and The Chiswick Calendar Website have listed our next production at Questors Studio theatre on May 5th to 9th:

A new production of Oscar Wilde’s play

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For more information on ‘Earnest’, contact Christina Balmer. You can email Christina, or call 07779 302 310

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At the beginning of May 2015, Chiswick theatre company Theatre West Four will be staging Wilde’s classic comedy of manners, The Importance of Being Earnest at Questors Studio Theatre.

Theatre West Four: 'The Importance Of Being Earnest'

Stuffed full of memorable quotes and witticisms, this late Victorian satire promises to be as sharp as ever, as Wilde teases the conventions and foibles of polite society, trivialising traditional institutions such as marriage and pedigree and spinning a story of farcical proportions.

For the past fifty years, Theatre West Four has been staging amateur productions in West London. Members come from all over London to participate in readings, workshops,
rehearsals and productions. The group welcomes enthusiasts interested in performing, directing, producing, stage management and all aspects of theatre production.

Tickets can be purchased on the Questors web site. You can also telephone the box office at020 8567 5184.

And The Chiswick Calendar lists us:

A thriving local society – Theatre West Four

Theatre West Four is an amateur dramatic society which has been performing in Chiswick for more than fifty years. Over that long period the society has seen romances blossom and professional careers started in the theatre and media. Currently rehearsing for their first production of 2015, Oscar’s Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Earnest, (5 – 9 May, at the Questors Studio Theatre in Ealing) they talked to The Chiswick Calendar and shared their memories of fifty years of strutting their stuff in West London (Watch here).

Bridget Osborne                                                                                                                                  Editor, The Chiswick Calendar





The cast for the above play are working hard on our latest production to be performed at Questors Studio Theatre May 5 t0 9 at 7.30 pm (2.30 pm Saturday matinee)

The wonderful cast includes;                                                                                                                          Andy Farrant (John Worthing),, Ian Howarth (Canon Chasuble), Christine Neyman (Lady Bracknell), Jane Douglas (Gwendoly),  Bryony Willman (Miss Prism), Mick Cawson (Lane) and Nell Fairclough (Merryman)

The play is directed by Peter Woods who writes:-

There can be few theatre or cinema goers who are not familiar with Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest if only for Dame Edith Evans exquisite rendering of “A handbag?” – a line which, interestingly, does not appear in all editions of the play.

Familiarity, however, does not necessarily breed contempt and the play has been a favourite with audiences and actors alike since the first production in 1895.

In case there is anyone out there who does not know the plot, the play concerns two young men about town who adopt aliases in order to pursue their social lives unhindered by Society’s possible disapproval. They meet their match in the girls of their romantic choices who also lead fantasy existences, albeit only in the pages of their diaries. A problem arises when both girls reveal that they are engaged to a man called Earnest who does not appear to exist.

All ends happily (“that is what fiction means”) and the way to that end is garlanded in exquisite, witty dialogue which is a joy to deliver and to hear.



20th to 24th May 2014  7.30 pm and 24th May 2.30 pm matinee                                                Admission £13 Concs £10  ( 20th TW4/Questors Member/Concs £10, 21st/22nd Concs £10 )      Questors Studio Theatre – Booking 020 8567 5184 or

“It’s 1941 and London is in the middle of the blitz. The cast of popular BBC radio variety show, ‘Variety Bandwagon’, are preparing to make their first live broadcast to America in front of a live audience. But can a ghost from the past upset the wagon?
With music by Noel Gay, book by Abi Grant and script revised by Alex Armitage, Radio Times is a nostalgic dip into wartime London complete with the pop songs of the day. Come and join Theatre West Four celebrate their 50th anniversary with this colourful, lively show.”
A great and talented cast include the following:

Tony Traxler, Cheryl Higgins, Jules Bannister, Paul Smith, Mick Cawson, Jake Aldridge, Ashley Brown, Tej Samra, Georgina Parren, Stella Henney, Clare Pengelley, Alison Barlow, Sue Darrieulat, Vivienn English, Polly Penge, Corinne Mitchell, Hannah Greenburgh, Chrissie Balmer, Frances Smith

Director – Hazel Collinson , Musical Director – Paul Smith, Choreographer – Chrissie Balmer

Looking forward to  seeing you all at this very special occasion-   suggest you book early, as tickets are very limited!