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Agatha Crusty and The Village Hall Murders was a great success

It was good to play to packed houses and we received a fantastic review by Marc Aspen Reviews praising the quality of the acting across the board. A copy of the review can be viewed on:

Some of the production photos:

The search is on for our next production

If there is a particular play or plays you would like to be considered for performance, please drop a line to our Artistic Director, Ellie Hopkins, on

What’s On- Kew- 28-30 November 2019

Our friends Q2 Players, who gave us a lot of support by attending our performances of Agatha Crustywill be performing Living Memory, a new play written by and directed by Genni Trickett.

It is 2018, and Jo has just moved into her dream cottage with her loving husband. But what is she running from? Back in 1945, Ruby battles to save her marriage to Frank, after a family tragedy threatens to tear them apart.

Will the two women find in each other the strength they need to survive? Can friendship really traverse the ages?


The National Archives Kew Bessant Drive TW9 4AD

There is onsite parking. You need to drive into Kew Retail Park and follow the signs saying National Archives, which will take you to the car park.
Bus: 190 bus to Mortlake then R68 bus to Kew Retail Park (5 minute walk)

Nearest Tube: Kew Gardens (10 min walk)

Performance Times:

Thursday 28th November – Saturday 30th November, 7.45pm Saturday 30th November, 2.30pm

Box Office: email: 07484 893 942


£10 (£9 Concs)


Here are some of the quotes from Mark Aspen Reviews that was published today. Don’t miss your chance to see this hilarious play. Purchase your tickets on: 020 8567 5184 or on direct booking link

“The jokes are strung so liberally there is no chance you’re going to go a minute or two without chortling or guffawing”

” Yvonne Austin gives a perfect performance as the straight-laced committee chair, Miss Wagstaff.

Ashley Brown’s turn as the Rev Bishop, a christening milked in his interview with the untwigging Twigg is a particular hoot. Brown’s blend of commanding and camp in his performance, as is clear respectively in his confrontations with the dullard DI and his flirtations with the ladies of the parish, always livens things up. To write in the spirit of the script, he makes for an Arch Bishop”

“Mick Cawson’s hair flicks as Olivia add to the general mirth”

” Elsewhere the cast are engaging and generally manage to strike the right comic note. As Agatha, Ramjet, is properly prim and preening about her reputation, but, never fazed by the absurdities of village life, sees her way through them to solve all the crime in one fell swoop. In her practical approach, she is supported by Natalia Sirotkina as Alice Fogg, who keeps things grounded throughout. Meanwhile Molloy’s leaden copper deadpans to excellent effect from the start, who would of though a character so blunt, would make such a good foil?”

But props in particular to Veeda Ray, as Artist’s Model Mandy,  who makes a couple of scene stealing cameos. Demonstrates excellent comic timing in refusing a gift of fruit in the Snow White scene”.


Audience was rolling in their seats with laughter. It was an absolute delight to watch. Ticket sales are very strong at the moment. Don’t miss you chance to see show. Book tickets on: 020 8567 5184 or on direct booking link


There are 5 days to go before opening night at The Questors Studio on the 29thOctober 2019. There are plenty of laughs to be enjoyed in this cracker of a comedy, not to be missed. Reserve you seat today by booking a ticket on: or by telephoning the Questors box office on 020 8567 5184.

She Stoops to Conquer

Rehearsals are going apace for She Stoops to Conquer and the show promises to be an exciting and unusual interpretation of the play.

The cast is as follows:

Mick Cawson- Digory

Harry Doyle- Mr Hardcastle

Mary Ennis- Landlord

Nicola Foster- Tony Lumpkin

Ellie Hopkins- Maid

Alice Klapwijk- Mrs Hardcastle

Sofia Morin- Constance Neville

Iskander Najmuddin- Hastings

Lauren Powell- Kate Hardcastle

Richard Scott- Marlow

Jim Simpson- Sir Charles Marlow



Rehearsals have started for our November production and cast includes:

Mick Cawson, Harry Doyle, Mary Ennis, Nicola Foster, Ellie Hopkins, Alice Klapwijk, Sofia Morin, Iskander Najmuddin, Lauren Powell, Richard Scott, Jim Simpson

The play is directed by Tony Traxler and will show at Questors Studio Theatre, Ealing W5 on November 21 to 25.  It will be an unusual and exciting production so put the dates in your diary now!

Our November Production: SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER


At the recent Group Choice meeting a vote was cast for the next production and the members present (thanks to all who attended the meeting) elected to present


(The Mistakes of a Night)                                                                                                                            by Oliver Goldsmith


Wealthy countryman Mr. Hardcastle arranges for his daughter Kate to meet Charles Marlow, the son of a rich Londoner, hoping the pair will marry. Unfortunately, Marlow prefers lower class women, finding them less intimidating than women of high society. On his first acquaintance with Kate, the latter realises she will have to pretend to be ‘common’ to get Marlow to woo her. Thus Kate ‘stoops to conquer’, by posing as a maid, hoping to put Marlow at his ease so he falls for her. Marlow sets out for Mr. Hardcastle’s manor with a friend, George Hastings, an admirer of Miss Constance Neville, another young lady who lives with the Hardcastles. During the journey the two men get lost and stop at an alehouse, The Three Jolly Pigeons, for directions.

Tony Lumpkin, Kate’s step-brother and Constance’s cousin, comes across the two strangers at the alehouse and, realising their identity, plays a practical joke by telling them that they are a long way from their destination and will have to stay overnight at an inn. The “inn” he directs them to is in fact the home of the Hardcastles. When they arrive, the Hardcastles, who have been expecting them, go out of their way to make them welcome. However, Marlow and Hastings, believing themselves in an inn, behave extremely disdainfully towards their hosts. Hardcastle bears their unwitting insults with forbearance, because of his friendship with Marlow’s father.

Kate learns of her suitor’s shyness from Constance and a servant tells her about Tony’s trick. She decides to masquerade as a serving-maid (changing her accent and garb) to get to know him. Marlow falls in love with her and plans to elope with her but, because she appears of a lower class, acts in a somewhat bawdy manner around her. All misunderstandings are resolved by the end, thanks to an appearance by Sir Charles Marlow.

The main sub-plot concerns the secret romance between Constance and Hastings. Constance needs her jewels, an inheritance, guarded by Tony’s mother, Mrs. Hardcastle, who wants Constance to marry her son, to keep the jewels in the family. Tony despises the thought of marrying Constance — he prefers a barmaid at the alehouse — and so agrees to steal the jewels from his mother’s safekeeping for Constance, so she can elope to France with Hastings.

The play concludes with Kate’s plan succeeding: she and Marlow become engaged. Tony discovers his mother has lied about his being “of age” and thus entitled to his inheritance. He refuses to marry Constance, who is then eligible to receive her jewels and become engaged to Hastings, which she does.

The play will be directed by Tony Traxler and is scheduled for performance 21 to 25 November at The Questors Studio Theatre.

Auditions will be held on

Sunday 23 July at 3 pm and Thursday 10 August at 7.30 pm at The Friendship Club, Age Concern Chiswick, Oxford Road North, W4 4DN

If you are unable to attend these dates but wish to take part in the production get in touch with Tony direct (07899 961813) to arrange for private auditions on his casting couch.  There ae quite a number of large and small roles for all ages available


SEPARATE TABLES – Our 2017 May production

 Images from a wonderful production

Directed by Tony Traxler

Cast includes:  Ellie Hopkins, Alice Klapwyk, Nicola Foster,  Gerri Heneghan, Mary Ennis,
David Bickerstaff, Juliet Cassidy, Clare Pengelley, Daniel Davis, Richard Scott, Sofia Morin. Lauren Powell, Tony Traxler

Our May 2017 Production ‘Separate Tables’

At the play reading last Thursday 12th January the Group decided to select Terence Rattigan’s ‘Separate Tables’ as our next production to be staged at the Questors Studio Theatre on May 9 – 13, 2017.    Tony Traxler will be directing.

A reading of the play has been scheduled for Thursday 2nd February at 7.30 pm at The Friendship Club, Age Concern Chiswick, Oxford Road North, W4 followed by open auditions on Thursday 9th February 7.30 pm and Sunday 12th February 2.00 pm at the same venue.  For further information email or text 07860 448597.

Everyone is welcome to attend so we look forward to see you