Here are some of the quotes from Mark Aspen Reviews that was published today. Don’t miss your chance to see this hilarious play. Purchase your tickets on: 020 8567 5184 or on direct booking link

“The jokes are strung so liberally there is no chance you’re going to go a minute or two without chortling or guffawing”

” Yvonne Austin gives a perfect performance as the straight-laced committee chair, Miss Wagstaff.

Ashley Brown’s turn as the Rev Bishop, a christening milked in his interview with the untwigging Twigg is a particular hoot. Brown’s blend of commanding and camp in his performance, as is clear respectively in his confrontations with the dullard DI and his flirtations with the ladies of the parish, always livens things up. To write in the spirit of the script, he makes for an Arch Bishop”

“Mick Cawson’s hair flicks as Olivia add to the general mirth”

” Elsewhere the cast are engaging and generally manage to strike the right comic note. As Agatha, Ramjet, is properly prim and preening about her reputation, but, never fazed by the absurdities of village life, sees her way through them to solve all the crime in one fell swoop. In her practical approach, she is supported by Natalia Sirotkina as Alice Fogg, who keeps things grounded throughout. Meanwhile Molloy’s leaden copper deadpans to excellent effect from the start, who would of though a character so blunt, would make such a good foil?”

But props in particular to Veeda Ray, as Artist’s Model Mandy,  who makes a couple of scene stealing cameos. Demonstrates excellent comic timing in refusing a gift of fruit in the Snow White scene”.

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