Pleased to let you know that members present the last choice meeting voted overwhelmingly to present Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest as our May production at the Questors.   Peter Woods will be directing and will be holding open auditions on

THURSDAY 5th February at 7.30 pm 

Age Concern Chiswick, Oxford Road North, Chiswick, W4 4DN

If you are unable to make this date but wish to audition, please get in touch with Peter direct on 020 8749 0633.

Because of time constraints Peter would like to do a first read through of the play on Sunday afternoon 8 February at 3 pm at the same venue.

The play is due to be performed the first week in May (Bank Holiday week)  5th to 9th, with a matinee on the Saturday at Questors Studio theatre.

Peter will be working from the Samuel French (3 Act version) edition.

The play is probably known to most of you but to remind you the cast is as follows:

John Worthing JP                                                                                                                              Algernon Moncrieff                                                                                                                                  Rev Canon Chasuble                                                                                                                              Lady Bracknell                                                                                                                                          Hon Gwendolyn Fairfax                                                                                                                        Cecily Cardew                                                                                                                                          Miss Prism, Governess to Cecily                                                                                                                  Lane,  manservant to Algernon                                                                                                              Merriman, Butler

(the latter two parts are smaller roles)

Backstage help is also required as always and if you can help out in any department we would be very grateful for your offer.  Especially a Stage Manager is required so if you would like to take this task on, please let Peter or myself know as soon as possible via

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